Kirsten Gillibrand in Dallas: ‘I Have to Fight for Every Family as If It Were My Own'

Looking for campaign cash and support on Julian Castro's and Beto O'Rourke's home turf, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said Wednesday that she was the best choice to beat Donald Trump and in the process help curb systemic racism in America.Gillibrand also said her ability to win elections in Republican areas and being a mother helps make her the ideal choice to battle Trump in 2020, and deal with issues like health care, education, jobs and criminal justice reform---all that have been exacerbated by bias and racism."That perspective of being a mother has really informed who I'm fighting for and why," Gillibrand said after speaking to students at Paul Quinn College in southern Dallas. "I will fight for other people's children and their families and their communities as hard as I would fight for my own.""When I see how our law enforcement and our criminal justice system works against communities of color, I imagine it happening to my own sons. When I see that educational opportunities aren't the same and the amount of student debt that particular communities of color kids of color have to face, I would to change that as if I was changing it for my own family."  Continue reading...

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