Keys to Making Dallas a More Inclusive City? Don't Forget Southern Hospitality, Barbecue

The closest Wajahat Ali ever came to visiting Dallas was on a connecting flight. It was just a layover, years ago, and the moment made a lasting impression.That's because when Ali walked off the plane into the terminal, he was greeted with what makes Texas great."Barbecue!" a man exclaimed at a nearby concession stand. "Fresh barbecue!"The memory stuck with Ali."That's a really good way to welcome anybody," the 37-year-old said with a laugh. "You could win over anyone with that."At this year's Dallas Festival of Ideas, Ali will get his first real look at Dallas. He's the keynote speaker for the Inclusive City track, where he'll examine how Dallas can welcome and include the diversity of new arrivals that come to the city daily.Ali is a New York Times contributing op-ed writer, lawyer and an award-winning playwright who regularly appears on CNN. As a Muslim-American, much of his work has been focused on facilitating awareness and inclusivity for marginalized communities.  Continue reading...

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