Kaufman County Judicial Candidate Files Suit After Losing by One Vote, Alleges Long-term Voter Fraud

Republican allegations of voter fraud and ballot harvesting are typically saved for Democratic targets and the November election.But a Kaufman County judicial candidate's suit focuses instead on a March 6 GOP primary that was decided by a single vote.The absentee vote made the difference in the re-election bid by County Court-at-Law Judge Dennis Jones. Republican Party officials certified on March 15 that Jones had gained 61 percent of the absentee vote, sealing his nomination by one vote.Challenger Tracy Gray, an attorney who received more votes during both early voting and on Election Day, filed suit to contest the result — and paid for an investigation to dig into what she alleges is corruption dating to at least 2006.Gray's suit alleges that Terrell precinct judge Brenda Prince was responsible for at least 11 illegally cast absentee ballots — including a couple instances, the suit alleges, of multiple votes submitted by mail by the same voter.   Continue reading...

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