Jury in McKinney Murder-for-hire Case Hears About Victim's Habits, Bloody Shooting Scene in Bathroom

McKINNEY — Every morning, Richard Moore had a strict routine.Drop his youngest daughter off at school, often still in his pajamas. Two cups of tea. One cup of coffee. Maybe some chores around his McKinney home. Then, maybe mid-morning, he’d hop in the shower.“You could set your clock, watch to it,” Moore’s daughter Joanne Comer testified Tuesday.Prosecutors say a killer exploited Moore’s regimen in February 2015 by breaking into his house and shooting him as he got out of the shower.Ronald Rosser, a pot dealer from Longview, was convicted of that crime earlier this year.But now, prosecutors argue that Moore's best friend, Stephen Brockway, betrayed Moore by planning the slaying in a murder-for-hire scheme.  Continue reading...

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