Judge Moves Attorney General Ken Paxton's Trials to Harris County

AUSTIN — Attorney General Ken Paxton will be tried for securities fraud in Harris County, the presiding judge announced Tuesday."Harris County was selected because the lead counsel for the state and the defense are located there," Judge George Gallagher said in a written statement. "Harris County also has the facilities to accommodate the trial."In late March, Gallagher decided to move the trial outside of Collin County. Prosecutors had argued that Paxton's allies in McKinney, where he has lived and worked for decades, waged a "crusade" to ensure the jury pool would be tainted in the attorney general's favor. Gallagher also chose to delay the trials, which were scheduled to kick off on May 1. On Tuesday, he did not set a new date for when the proceedings in Harris County would begin.This is a breaking news story. Check back here for more details.  Continue reading...

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