John Wiley Price Will Finally Get His Day in Court, and Dallas Is Ready for Answers

It feels like an eternity since FBI agents raided the home and office of one our city's most prominent public figures, Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price.But those raids, on June 27, 2011, set in play a years-long legal and political drama that cast Price at the center of what is among the biggest, most anticipated political corruption case in Dallas history.And now, with jury selection set to begin today, Price and his longtime executive assistant, Dapheny Fain, finally will get their day of reckoning.The stakes are obviously high for Price, Fain and another co-defendant, veteran political consultant Kathy Nealy, who will face trial later. But Dallas also has a lot riding on the outcome of this trial. The city's political corruption has been well established in cases involving other public officials over the years; just how deeply is it rooted?   Continue reading...

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