John Wiley Price Jury Will Go to 7th Day of Deliberations in Attempt to Break Impasse

The John Wiley Price jury ended its work Wednesday without a verdict, the day after a federal judge instructed it to keep working after jurors said they couldn't reach a consensus on some counts. Jurors will resume on Thursday for a seventh day of deliberations to decide whether Price is guilty of some, none or all of the 11 counts against him. The jury also is deciding whether Price's chief of staff, Dapheny Fain, helped her boss by lying to the FBI and conspiring with him to defraud the IRS.A third defendant, Kathy Nealy, will be tried later on bribery charges. Prosecutors say Nealy paid Price almost $1 million in bribes over a decade in the form of cash, vehicles and land to help her clients with matters before the county including contracts. Price also is accused of not reporting income from Fain's office supply business and from the sale of African art at a Dallas gallery.U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn indicated on Tuesday that the jury was deadlocked on some of the counts, but she did not say which ones.   Continue reading...

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