John Ratcliffe Can Do the Job of National Intelligence Director. The Question Is How He Will Do It

Few times in our country’s history have matched the present need for a robust and active intelligence service equipped with the knowledge, skill and courage to confront enemies of our democracy and human freedom in general.Dan Coats’ work as director of national intelligence was marked by competence and a willingness to face the hard truth that we live in a dangerous world. He was also willing to stand up to President Donald Trump in support of the agents and agencies that do this critical work, even as their own president pulled them down.As Coats steps down, we believe Trump has selected a capable, if worrisomely partisan, replacement in U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe, a former U.S. Attorney and eight-year mayor of Heath on Lake Ray Hubbard. Should he be approved by the Senate, Ratcliffe must follow Coats’ lead and demonstrate that his first loyalty is to the country and its safety and not to the president and his whims.Much of the national analysis around Ratcliffe’s selection has focused on that political question — and the suggestion that he is a blind loyalist to the president, as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer described him.  Continue reading...

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