John McCain: We're Getting Nothing Done, So Why Don't We Try the Old, Bipartisan Way of Legislating?

Editor's note: The following is a transcript of Sen. John McCain's speech on the Senate floor on Tuesday, July 25. Presiding over the Senate can be a nuisance, a bit of ceremonial bore. It is usually relegated to the more junior members. But I stand here today looking a little worse for wear, I am a sure. I have a refreshed appreciation for the protocols and customs of this body and for the other 99 privileged souls who have been elected to this senate.I have been a member of the United States Senate for the 30 years. I had another long, if not as long, career before I arrived here, another profession that was profoundly rewarding and which I had experiences and friendships that I revere.But make no mistake, my service here is the most important job I've had in my life. I'm so grateful -- so grateful to the people of Arizona for the privilege, for the honor of serving here and the opportunities it gives me to play a small role in the history of the country that I love.  Continue reading...

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