John Cornyn Says He Supports Trump's Border Wall Emergency Move, But Predicts Veto and Court Fight

WASHINGTON - Sen. John Cornyn predicted Wednesday that the Senate will vote to nullify President Donald Trump's claim of emergency authority to build a border wall, although he views the president's move as legal and will vote to uphold it."It's not a constitutional question. It is really going to be a question for the courts, of statutory interpretation and what Congress's intent was," Cornyn said, clarifying his stance one day after U.S. House delivered a rebuke by voting to reject Trump's move.The House vote was almost entirely along party lines, though one Texas Republican, Rep. Will Hurd of San Antonio -- an outspoken critic of the border wall -- was one of 13 GOP lawmakers to side with Democrats. Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-San Antonio, spearheaded the rebuke.Three Senate Republicans have said they'll vote to nullify Trump's emergency declaration. That would trigger a tie that Vice President Mike Pence would break in Trump's favor. But Cornyn said he expects at least one other GOP defection.Sen. Ted Cruz has not yet indicated how he will vote, saying that he is still studying the legal arguments.A group called Republicans for the Rule of Law ran an ad on Fox & Friends this week that accuses the Texans and other Republicans of hypocrisy. It includes clips of Cruz denouncing President Barack Obama for acting like an "unaccountable monarch," and of Cornyn accusing Obama of "abusing executive authority.""If Republicans were against executive overreach then, they should be against it now," the ad says.  Continue reading...

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