John Cornyn Betrays Himself and His Party With Embrace of Roy Moore

Sen. John Cornyn’s endorsement this week of Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate from Alabama is a new low not just for the former jurist and ex-Texas attorney general, but for the party he claims to love. We had hoped, as many have, that Cornyn would stand against the tide of populist, nativist, and exclusionary politics that have come to dominate the Republican Party in Texas and elsewhere. That hope has now been all but extinguished.Moore has twice served as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, and has disgraced himself each time. Both times, he defied the Supreme Court and the Constitution, and both times a panel of Alabama officials removed, or in the most recent case suspended, him from office. This is why Cornyn backed Moore’s opponent in last month’s GOP primary runoff. “Getting thrown off the Supreme Court of your state twice, I don't think, is a credential that commends you for membership in the United States Senate,” he said.   Continue reading...

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