Jealous Husband With Arsenal in SUV Had Flower Mound Chiropractor in His Sights, Police Say

A man who was planning to kill a chiropractor at a Flower Mound shopping center last week was armed with almost a dozen weapons in his SUV at the time of his arrest, police said. He told police he blamed the man for ruining his marriage. Robert Hulsey, 34, of Lewisville has been charged with one count of attempted murder. He is being held in lieu of $175,000 bail. A witness reported seeing a man in a black SUV about 7 a.m. Nov. 7 at a shopping center in the 500 block of Flower Mound Road. The man was wearing combat fatigues and had two AR-15 type rifles, police said. He was asking questions about an employee at the chiropractor's office, the witness told police.Police couldn’t find the suspect at the scene, but found him about 7:40 a.m. in the SUV behind a church about three blocks away.The suspect matched the witness’ description and was found in the front seat with two loaded weapons within arm's reach: a bolt-action rifle and a shotgun. Hulsey told police that he believed the employee was the cause of his marital separation and planned on "carrying out a murder" when the business opened, police said.When asked if he was planning to kill the employee, Hulsey nodded and began to cry, police said.He also threatened the employee’s life earlier that morning, police said.Police found the following in the suspect’s vehicle: 12-gauge shotgun AR-15 long rifle .22 long rifle 30.06 long rifle 100 rounds of 9 mm ammunition 60 rounds of .223 ammunition 80 rounds of shotgun ammunition (00 buckshot and slugs) over 200 rounds of .22 ammunition 3 loaded .22 caliber 30-round magazines 2 loaded .223 30-round magazines 3 folding knives 2 daggers pair of handcuffs 3 handcuff keys suitcase with clothes  Continue reading...

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