It's Time to Formally End the Korean War Before Tensions Trigger a New One

We must not stumble into another war on the Korean peninsula, one that could lead to the use of nuclear weapons and the deaths of millions, before we have tried far more vigorously to bring an end to the first Korean War.The most dangerous and explosive problem in the world today stems in part from a failure to formally end that brutal war. The Korean War is, in effect, still going on — 64 years later.Hostilities that unfolded after the June 1950 North Korean invasion of South Korea were only suspended by the armistice signed on July 27, 1953. President Dwight Eisenhower praised the courage and steadfastness of the 16 nations that thwarted the North Korean attack with "decisive purpose." After the longest negotiated armistice talks in history, he declared: "And so at long last, the carnage of war is to cease and the negotiation of the conference table is to begin."  Continue reading...

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