It's a Free Car! Charter School Student Wins 2007 Ford Fusion for Perfect Attendance

Maria Camacho won a car. Now, all she needs is another year and a learner’s permit.The 14-year-old freshman took home a white 2007 Ford Fusion on Friday, winning a perfect attendance contest at Faith Family Academy, a charter school located just off Interstate 35E in Oak Cliff.Maria and four other students -- including her 11th-grade sister Ximena -- were selected as finalists in the contest, held in a common area between buildings before the lunch period.Faith Family high school students with perfect attendance during each of six six-week periods had their names put into a drawing; 131 students got their names in at least once.After a performance by the school’s drumline, Jason Oliver, the school’s assistant superintendent of school leadership, had the students pick a key from a basket, then called them up one by one to see if it worked.Even though the drama was gone when she took her seat in the sedan -- she was the last of the five to try her luck -- Maria still looked shocked when she turned her key and the car started.“I still can’t believe it,” she said minutes later.  Continue reading...

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