It’s Past Time for Dallas to End Race-based Police Associations

There’s one truth on which we should all agree: Keeping Dallas safe will take a collective effort on the part of the police officers that patrol the city.But the reality in this city that makes Chief U. Renee Hall’s job tougher is that the various police associations to which those officers belong are often divided along racial lines.Race-based police associations were created years ago to overcome legitimate and tough problems facing minority officers in the department. They were needed in a department with a history of racial exclusion. But those associations have lost their way and are now fueling divisions within our city at a time we need to be united the most.It’s time for these race-based associations to go.The latest controversy emerged this week when The Greater Dallas chapter of The National Latino Law Enforcement Organization called for Chief Hall’s resignation citing a vote of no-confidence from members. Its president, Sgt. George Aranda, said DPD has suffered from a “lack of leadership” from Hall, the department’s first female chief, who is black. That brought a response from the Black Police Association president, Sr. Cpl. Terrance Hopkins, that Hall has been a victim of “an orchestrated attack." Hopkins said that his organization has total confidence in Hall.There’s yet a third major group, the Dallas Police Association. It’s the largest and most diverse association but is viewed by many minority officers to represent white officers’ interests.  Continue reading...

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