Is Texas Driver License System ‘despicable’? Here’s What I Found in Garland Mega Center

Dallas residents Diana Luna and daughter Mercedes wanted to make the most of their rare shared day off: Knock one long-postponed chore off the to-do list then head downtown for a visit to the Perot Museum.Instead, they spent almost eight hours in the unique hell that is a Texas Department of Public Safety Driver License Mega Center.“We have been through all the stages of grief,” Diana told me, only half-joking, in hour six of their wait Thursday. “We had no idea what we were getting into -- we’ve gone through anger, depression and now we are just giddy.”If the state Legislature won’t listen to the Lunas about fixing this mess, maybe Gov. Greg Abbott’s tongue-lashing Monday will spark some action. "The way DPS has handled driver's licenses in the state of Texas is despicable, and it has been nonresponsive," Abbott said.He might have been lumping in the driver license issue because he was upset with the agency over the noncitizen voter list debacle, but he wasn’t wrong.  Continue reading...

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