Is Equifax's Helpline Really Helpful? Here's What a Reporter Found Out When He Tried It

Since the public first learned of the Equifax incident, consumers have reported difficulties getting help on the company's phone lines.After the embattled firm added more capacity over the weekend, we decided to try our hand at calling Equifax ourselves. The idea was twofold. First, we wanted to ask a reasonable question the average consumer might call with - that is, whether my personal data was compromised in the hack.Second, we wanted to shed some light on the customer service process for those consumers who haven't yet called or who feel uncomfortable using, the company's website dedicated to the breach.Here's what we found when we called on Monday: Although wait times aren't too bad now, finding out whether your personal information is secure is virtually impossible over the phone. You can, however, get a 90-day fraud alert placed on your account within minutes -- if you call the right number.  Continue reading...

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