Is Dallas Finally Going to Hold Big Tex's Feet to the Fire When It Comes to the Fair's Financial Obligations?

Here's what passes for good news, and breaking news, at Dallas City Hall these days: The State Fair of Texas has agreed to live up to the terms of its contract with the city. The contract it signed in 2003. And, no, that's not a joke. There's nothing funny about it.For the last 14 years the State Fair of Texas has somehow managed to avoid telling the city how much it should be investing in the old, crumbling Art Deco buildings it uses every year. And for the last 14 years, the city's just let that slide. Because, until now, that contract's amounted to little more than a nod and a wink, like most everything else involving City Hall and the State Fair, which have always been cozier than a down blanket on Christmas morning.  Continue reading...

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