‘I’m Not Going to Shop in the Dark': Grocers, Shoppers Cope With Power Outages

People were shopping in the dark at the Tom Thumb on Lovers Lane and Greenville on Tuesday afternoon. The SuperTarget at Skillman and Abrams has been closed since Sunday. And a Sprouts Farmers Market on Marsh Lane will reopen Wednesday. This isn’t how Dallas shoppers are used to rolling in a city that has a cornucopia of food stores. But this week, area grocers are throwing out tons of food after extensive power outages caused refrigerated cases and freezer temperatures to fall below safe levels.Tuesday was the first day back in business since the outage for the Walmart Supercenter on Samuell Boulevard in Far East Dallas.Shoppers walked through the bare-bones freezer section, peering at the empty shelves. Totino’s pizza rolls and a narrow selection of frozen veggies were among the few items available.Grocery employees across Dallas spent most of Monday afternoon and evening throwing away food they had carefully placed just days before.The sparse aisles didn’t bother Rose Hill, 69, who was able to find the meat she usually buys.“They’re restocking the shelves as we speak,” she said. “I can’t complain.”Consumers are doing the same thing at home, throwing out hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries that in many cases they had just purchased before the Sunday afternoon storm hit.Oddly enough, the Tom Thumb at Lovers Lane and Greenville wasn’t affected by the storm until a transformer went out Tuesday morning. The store was open, but only a section near the registers had light.  Continue reading...

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