Intoxicated Woman Pepper-sprayed Driver Trying to Apologize in Texas Walmart Parking Lot, Police Say

A woman suspected of driving while intoxicated Monday night was arrested after she allegedly pepper-sprayed another driver in Denison, the Herald Democrat reported.A man was attempting to back his vehicle out of a parking spot about 7 p.m. at a Denison Walmart when he nearly hit the 20-year-old woman's vehicle, police said.The man told officers that his vehicle was new and he wasn't used to it. But when he got out to apologize, the woman allegedly pulled out the pepper spray, police said. "She basically said something along the lines of him needing to pay attention to what he was doing, then she just pepper-sprayed him in the eyes," Lt. Mike Eppler told the Herald Democrat.The woman then left the store and called to make an assault report. Police told her to return to the scene, so she did. "She shows up, but she's intoxicated, so she gets arrested," Eppler told the newspaper. The man did not require treatment, and neither vehicle was damaged. The woman, whose name was not available, was arrested on DWI and assault charges, the Herald Democrat reported.   Continue reading...

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