In the Spirit of Texas Giving, Don’t Get Taken by a Harvey Scam

Hey Watchdog! My heart goes out to flood victims. As a Texan, I want to help. That's what we do. But I don't know where to get the best bang for my charity buck. I want to donate. But how can I avoid getting scammed?Glad you asked. For every inch of rain, there's a foot of scams coming. I saw a report that already more than 150 internet domain names were purchased with the name Harvey. The Watchdog is certain many of these will be up to no good.What's the best way to find who to donate to?A little bit of research. What's your interest? Who handles that specialty? Is the charity for real?That's it? Sounds simple enough.No, that's just the starting point. The key is the charity's history. Has it been around a long time?  Continue reading...

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