In East Texas, Supreme Court Ruling a Setback, But It Won't Be the Town's Final Verdict, Locals Say

MARSHALL — When the lawyers come to town, locals say they can tell.Cars fill up the courthouse parking lot and more are Lexuses instead of pickups. Businesspeople in suits join locals at popular lunch spots. And at the town’s only shoe shop, steel-toed boots are pushed aside so workers can polish pairs of black and brown loafers that arrive all at once.Marshall may be a small town in far East Texas, but in the world of patent litigation, it has been a giant. The Eastern District of Texas — which includes a federal courthouse in Marshall — draws more patent cases than any of the 93 other districts in the U.S. Of all patent cases in the country, 1 in 4 were assigned to a single Marshall judge in recent years.  Continue reading...

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