In Dallas We Are Setting Up Our High School Students to Fail

In a few months Dallas County will graduate a record number of more than 25,000 high school seniors. This is a testament to years of hard work by dedicated teachers, school administrators and an army of generous volunteers.It's also evidence of good data - thanks to organizations like - highlighting best practices, combined with a willingness of school boards to innovate. As a result, today there are more than 23,000 Dallas County students meeting key benchmarks compared to 2012, and this year college Pell Grant applications are up nearly 30 percent over 2017.Unfortunately, we put these improvements in jeopardy, not to mention our kids, in the way we advise high school graduates on college. Mis-advise would be more accurate. This is evident by what's happening to the two major cohorts of graduating high school seniors: those planning to enroll in college, and those who are not.  Continue reading...

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