In Crowded Dallas Mayor's Race, Police Issues Take Center Stage

For the first time in nearly a decade, the police department has taken a central role in the Dallas mayoral race.In forums, ads and other venues, nearly all of the nine candidates running for mayor have highlighted plans to fix the shrinking department, bolster a shaky pension fund and speed up rising response times.Most have said higher police pay — even more than the raises officers just received months ago — is needed, although it’s unclear where the city would get the money or even if they could. Some also say City Hall needs new incentives to entice and retain officers -- or even a new police academy building. And a few want to explore ways to boost the first responders’ pension system, even if it means new debt.Dallas political strategist Clayton P. Henry — who is working on local elections but not the mayor’s race — said that crime is regularly a top concern in local municipal elections.  Continue reading...

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