In a Sad Twist, Zeke Elliott's Suspension May Actually Hurt the Fight Against Domestic Violence

A wretched stalemate of a conversation in a Colorado coffee shop over the weekend brought home to me that many Americans simply refuse to confront the ugly intersection of sports and violence against women:I remarked to a male acquaintance, "Elliott got hit with a six-game suspension. Good for the NFL for stepping up."His rapid-fire response: "She lied. The police report said so. That's why they didn't bring charges."I politely -- probably too deferentially in my attempt to get him to listen to reason -- acknowledged that, yes, in regard to one incident, Tiffany Thompson did ask a friend to lie about an alleged assault. "But now let's look at all the other evidence --"This individual was having none of it. As his Cowboy-blue blood boiled higher, he wouldn't budge from his One Lie, No Charges defense of Zeke.  Continue reading...

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