In a Dallas Council District, Majority of Voters Liked Griggs, But Not His Ally Kingston

In Lakewood and Hollywood Heights, campaign signs for the municipal election still poke out of immaculate lawns, even after Sunday's storm ripped away tree branches and knocked out power to swaths of homes there.Those signs showed North Oak Cliff council member Scott Griggs, a mayoral candidate, was popular in these parts. More popular, it turned out Saturday, than the area's representative Philip Kingston, his longtime close ally on the council.Although Griggs lost his mayoral bid to state Rep. Eric Johnson, he won the majority of the vote in District 14, which includes East Dallas, downtown, Uptown and parts of Oak Lawn and Lakewood. And Kingston lost to David Blewett after garnering just 46.5% of the vote while Griggs earned 51.7% of District 14 voters. That means for hundreds of voters in the low-turnout municipal election, Griggs' campaign, which focused heavily on public safety, resonated — and Kingston's didn't.   Continue reading...

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