‘I'm Really Scared': Woman Leaves Call for Help at Wise County Home

Authorities are trying to solve the mystery surrounding a young woman who left a message asking for help at a Wise County home. The woman approached a home about 1:15 p.m. Tuesday in the Indian Trails subdivision, near U.S. Highway 380 between Decatur and Bridgeport, and left a message on a security system voicemail. "I'm really scared, will you please open your gate, please," the woman said in the message, according to WFAA-TV (Channel 8). In surveillance footage, the woman is seen looking around as though someone was following her. She stayed in the area until something appeared to catch her attention and she ran toward a heavily wooded area, the Wise County Sheriff's Office said. "It's really a strange deal," Wise County Chief Deputy Craig Johnson told KXAS-TV (NBC5). "She was there one minute and the next she's not."The sheriff's office canvassed the neighborhood but said no one saw the woman or recognized her. There were also no reports of runaways or people absent from school who match her description.  Continue reading...

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