Illness, Anger and Despair in the Shadow of Dallas' Shingle Mountain After Judge Gives Recycler a Pass

A version of this column appeared in Robert Wilonsky's Most Dallas Newsletter Ever. Enter your email address to subscribe below.I couldn't make last week's Shingle Mountain court hearing; family obligations, if you must know. But I didn't really need to take the Shingle Mountain tour, which state District Judge Gena Slaughter ordered. I've been to Choate Road dozens of times since December, long enough to know by heart the names of all the best hourly motels between Hutchins and downtown Dallas.And I suspected Slaughter would give Blue Star Recycling's Carl Orrell more and more and more time still to clean up the monster his company planted essentially in Marsha Jackson's backyard. She signaled as much last month, when, during what was supposed to be a contempt hearing, Slaughter told Orrell she believed he was making "sincere, dedicated efforts" to find someone willing to cart off and grind the mountain of raw shingles devouring that small patch of S. Central Expressway.   Continue reading...

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