If You've Ever Wanted to Run Dallas' Oldest, Most Beloved Field of Dreams, Here's Your Chance

I hadn't been to a game at Reverchon Park's ballpark in years until the boy's Dallas ISD tourney a few months ago. I was so looking forward to it; my 14-year-old son, who used to study the backs of ancient ball cards with the intensity of a Talmudic scholar, even more so. Our excursion turned into yet another installment of that game all parents play with their kids: Life's Full of Disappointments.Every time we drive over the Reverchon Park field -- especially at night, when it's illuminated by 55-foot-high towers of halogen -- he notes that from this view, atop the ramp connecting Stemmons Freeway to the Dallas North Tollway, the ballpark looks like something out of a black-and-white newsreel. All it's missing is Willie Mays making a basket catch or Roy Hobbs smashing out the lights.  Continue reading...

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