If the Dogs That Killed Antoinette Brown Had Become Celebrities, Would Dallas City Hall Have Spared Them Too?

If local animal lovers had managed to recruit thousands to pester Dallas City Council members about the injustice of euthanizing the dogs that mauled Antoinette Brown to death in 2016, would our elected officials have caved to pressure and given those animals a reprieve?That's the question I and many others have asked since the saga of Deep Ellum's Lamb of God and, more recently, the second chance sought for a dog that bit a 2-year-old at a pet adoption event at Klyde Warren Park.Tens of thousands of words — most of them supportive — have already been littered over Lamb of God. So far, thank goodness, Rusty has not gathered a similar number of City Hall-swamping supporters, but my confidence in that remaining the case is not high.And no doubt the Lamb of God case set a precedent that Rusty's rescue group almost certainly will use when it gets its day in court Friday.  Continue reading...

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