If Dallas Really Wants to Spend $3 Million Feeding Food Deserts, Look No Further Than the Corner Store

A few months back, City Hall whipped out its wallet and dangled $3 million cash money in front of big grocery store chains that politely declined the invite to set up shop in southern Dallas. Grocers said they appreciated the generous offer to sell fresh produce in the city's sprawling food deserts but insisted it just wasn't the right time. Or place. Said the nice lady from H-E-B, "Nothing against any sector of town, at all." Never is.The city's still sitting on that $3 million, waiting for it to magically hatch grocery stores. And I wish I could say the city has a solid answer to the what-now question. But it doesn't, based on what I heard at the City Council's Economic Development Committee meeting Monday morning, where the topic of conversation was "Healthy Food Dallas." Just some suggestions. More talk.   Continue reading...

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