If All We Can Do About Gun Violence Is Scream, We Should at Least Scream

When is enough, enough?I have been asking myself this question in some form or another, for the past 30 years. "Surely," I say to myself, "this time will be the one that makes a difference." And then, again, I am soundly disappointed.My heart barely had time to take a first healing breath after the devastation of the mass murder in Las Vegas, when another shooting, this time at another church, took place, where 26 more people were senselessly murdered. When will it stop?Since 1982, there have been 95 mass shootings in the U.S. resulting in 706 fatalities and 684 injuries, according to a report by Mother Jones. What is the threshold for action to prevent more casualties? I actually believed that shootings at schools would prompt a national outrage and mobilize our American exceptionalism to solve a public health problem.  Continue reading...

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