I Was Shot on My Drive to Work by a Stranger Who Shouldn't Have Had a Gun

It was April 30, 2015. I'd been living in Third Ward for about three months during my first semester at the University of Houston. Despite hearing occasional gunshots at night, I felt reasonably safe. The trick, I thought, was to make sure that I was never on the street too late.At 9:45 on an oppressively sunny Thursday morning, I was running about five minutes late to my job at Roadster Grill in Bellaire, meaning I'd have to take a quicker alternative route to work. I flipped on the radio to Carlos Santana's "Oye Como Va" as I slowed my truck to a red light, lit a cigarette and zoned out to the song's chirping organs, lost in thought about whether Santana was using a Hammond organ or some other brand I'd never heard of.A man pulled up in a truck next to me with a .22-caliber long rifle in the passenger seat of his late-model GMC Sierra. As I hung my cigarette hand out the window and deliberated the staying power of Hammond organs in rock music, he looked down the barrel, steadied his aim and shot me just above the elbow.See, kids, smoking does kill.  Continue reading...

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