‘I Dodged the Bullet by a Hair,' Texas Rocker Alejandro Escovedo Says of His Hepatitis C Ordeal

Since collapsing onstage in 2003 in the throes of hepatitis C, Alejandro Escovedo has spent almost as much time talking about his health during interviews as he's spent talking about music.But these days, his voice is upbeat and even joyful. Finally cured of the potentially deadly viral infection, the acclaimed Texas rocker, 67, is touring on behalf of the Prevent Cancer Foundation and its mission of making people aware of the connection between viruses and cancer."I dodged the bullet by a hair," he says. "When you go through something like that -- and when you watch so many of your friends die from cancer -- you do anything you can to further awareness."Last year, Escovedo was named a national spokesman for "Think About the Link," the Foundation's prevention and education campaign that focuses on three viruses linked to cancer: hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human papillomavirus (HPV). He's filmed a public-service announcement, and last month he launched a 12-city "Think About the Link" concert tour that brings him to the Kessler Theater on Feb. 8.  Continue reading...

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