I Bought a Gun for Protection, But I've Decided to Leave It Locked Up at Home

"Raise your hand if you would've reached for your gun," the instructor said. About 30 women raised their hands. Every woman in the class, as a matter of fact. The instructor had just shown us a video of a teenage girl being snatched off the sidewalk in front of a busy Target by three grown men. The men carried her across the street and shoved her into the back of a van while everyone on the sidewalk just stood there watching in disbelief. It was infuriating. No one even attempted to stop them."Leave your hand up if you would've pointed your weapon at the men." About half the hands dropped, mine included. It was at that point I realized I don't trust my own aim. There was just something about the way she was flailing, I worried I would've ended up hitting her instead of the men. And if we're being honest, I'm a quicker draw with my iPhone anyway. Taking pictures of the vehicle and license plate probably would've made more sense for me, should I ever find myself in that situation.   Continue reading...

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