I-20 Road Rage Incident Ends in Shooting

An Arlington man was driving along I-20 Thursday afternoon when another driver fired seven to nine shots into his truck and nearly killed him.Anthony Edwards several of the bullets grazed his body and left him black and blue, according to WFAA-TV (Channel 8). The minister and father of six said he had just picked up transcripts for school when he got on the highway and was driving near Hampton Road and Polk Street. He told police that he went around a grey Kia Soul that was going about 30 miles per hour in the left lane. The driver of the Kia then sped up to catch him, he said."He rolled down the window, he was just looking at me," Edwards said. "I looked back at him and I said, 'Man what's going on?' Then the next thing I heard were the gunshots."Edwards said he's lucky he survived."A soon as the bullets started coming, I just heard a voice ... like duck," he said.The confrontation sent Edwards' truck off the road and into a median. The driver of the Kia, who Edwards said had a woman in the front seat and a child in the backseat, drove off. Police are investigating the incident and looking for the driver.Edwards described the man as having a bottom row of gold teeth and the car as having tinted windows, a pink steering wheel and pink dice hanging from the rear view mirror.   Continue reading...

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