Hundreds Pack Mexican Consulate to Get Advice on Immigration Issues

Hundreds of people packed the Mexican Consulate on Thursday night to listen to counsel and consolation from everyone from elected officials to a Jewish leader.Many emotional immigrants were on hand just to share worries and lend each other advice.Mexican consul Francisco de la Torre greeted the crowd with a "we are with you" in a lobby where the U.S. and Mexican flags stood in prominent positions. Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia praised the crowd for their unity. "Immigrants have built this country to this day," she said in her native Spanish.Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said — in English but translated by Garcia — that schools are welcoming to all immigrants and parents should expect respect there. Almost no one at the microphone mentioned the name of President Donald Trump during the first 90 minutes. But Trump was the reason they had all come. Trump's executive orders on immigration, the building of a border wall and the potential remaking of the North American Free Trade Agreement worried many. But nothing seemed to worry people more than the plight of children, be they immigrant children or the U.S.-born children of immigrants.   Continue reading...

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