Hundreds Join Competing Protests Over San Antonio Confederate Statues

Not long after protests surrounding plans to remove a Confederate statue in Virginia turned deadly Saturday, hundreds gathered in San Antonio over calls there to move a 118-year old Confederate monument. More than 300 protesters gathered in Travis Park, the San Antonio Express-News reported. The initial rally was organized by the group This is Texas Freedom Force, requesting that the statue in the park stay in place.The group's Facebook event description announced there would be several speakers — adding that "we will not stand quietly by while our Texas history is erased."Two San Antonio councilmen, Robert Treviño and Cruz Shaw, proposed that the statue be moved earlier this month.The group SATX4 organized a counter-protest one hour before the rally to call for statue's removal. "SATX4 will not stay silent in the face of white supremacy," the Facebook event description read. "History of white power belongs in a museum, not in the heart of our city."  Continue reading...

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