Hundreds Gather for, Against Grapevine Bridge Project

GRAPEVINE -- No action was taken during a filled-to-capacity public hearing Monday night to decide the fate of a proposed traffic bridge that would be built through a heavily wooded area that includes a popular walking and biking trail. Too many people showed up at the Grapevine Convention Center, Mayor William D. Tate announced to raucous applause, and those who couldn't find a seat in the 420-chair auditorium had to move into the hallways on orders from the fire marshal.The hearing, called to discuss all of the projects in a possible $44 million bond project that would go before voters in November, lasted long into the night and featured dozens of speakers -- all but one focused on the bridge project.The decision to take no action was made by design, Tate told the crowd. "We're going to take what you say to us and consider it and decide what we want to do at a later date," he said.Before residents were allowed to speak, Tate urged residents to behave appropriately and said demonstrations or applause wouldn't be tolerated. At least one speaker violated that dictate, drawing a stern rebuke from the mayor.  Continue reading...

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