Hows and Whys: Looking Back and Ahead on John Wiley Price's Corruption Case Before His Trial

John Wiley Price, “Our Man Downtown” to those he’s represented for over 30 years in southern Dallas County, faces not only the prospect of losing his job and reputation but also his freedom.The powerful Dallas County commissioner goes on trial in Dallas federal court on Tuesday with his longtime executive assistant, Dapheny Fain, after months of delays due to problems transferring enormous amounts of government evidence.Price will have to defend himself against charges that he sold his vote to businesses seeking lucrative contracts and other approvals. Prosecutors say Price took $950,000 in bribes over a decade in the form of cash, cars and land. Fain, 55, is accused of helping him.It may be the biggest political corruption case in Dallas history. This is the story of how the case originated, what’s at stake with the selection of a jury and how Price’s opening move may be to confuse jurors about the purpose of the money and other benefits he accepted. “The characters in this drama are well known and interesting people, regardless of what you think of them and very much a part of the Dallas political scene,” said Matthew Orwig, former U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Texas.  Continue reading...

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