How You Can Use Texas’ New ‘Super-Duper Anti-Spoofing Law' to Stop Phone Scammers From Calling You

Have you heard about two new state laws designed to make it easier for you to stop telephone scammers from calling your phone?One imposes civil penalties on violators, while the other adds criminal penalties.You can help bust these crooks that annoy you. I'll show you how.These two new laws have received scant public attention. The Watchdog fixes that here.Although at first I was skeptical that this could work, one of the bill's sponsors shows how you can make a difference.State Rep. Ben Leman, R-Iola, is a rookie state lawmaker. Ten of his bills passed into law. Not bad for a first-timer.One is his anti-spamming bill which he jokingly calls his "Super-Duper Anti-Spoofing bill.""My wife gets a ton of these," he says about illegal calls. "We talk about it all the time. The kids run to their cell phones to see who's calling."Scammers.Leman focused his attention on the practice of Caller ID spoofing. That's when someone uses an app or software to change the number that appears in the Caller ID box.  Continue reading...

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