How to Set Up Your Kids to Become Millionaires by Retirement Without Bankrupting You

Gary Sidder set up Roth IRAs for his sons when they turned 13. Each year, the certified financial planner and his wife, Francie Steinzeig, a school psychologist, contributed an amount equal to whatever the two boys earned cutting lawns, shoveling snow and doing odd jobs. As the sons' earnings increased, so did the parental contributions."Initially we started with $400, and now we do $5,500 for each," the annual maximum allowable contribution, says Sidder of Littleton, Colorado. "Now that their accounts are worth more than $100,000 and $65,000, respectively, they do see the value of saving and starting early."Even if no further contributions are made, the sons who are now 32 and 27 could see their accounts top $1 million by retirement age, assuming conservative 7 percent average annual returns.  Continue reading...

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