How to Back neo-Nazis Into a Corner Without Violence

As a licensed professional counselor in Texas, I have come to the conclusion that America has an anger management problem when it comes to dealing with hate groups. We resort to finger-pointing, more violence and outrage. I have a solution to this dilemma that is called Operation Paradox.What is Operation Paradox? First, put the hate groups in a position that sets up a discrepancy, a paradox. Ask businesses, individuals or peaceful organizations to donate money for every minute that the hate group publicly demonstrates.A variation of Operation Paradox exists in Wunsiedel, Germany, the location of the former grave of Rudolf Hess, which attracts neo-Nazis each year for a march through town commemorating Adolf Hitler's deputy. Townspeople came up with a humorous counterprotest that pokes fun at Nazis. Instead of generating hate, residents and businesses pledge money for every meter the neo-Nazis walk. The donations go to Exit Deutschland, a nongovernmental organization that helps neo-Nazis put aside their hate.  Continue reading...

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