How Much Do You Know About Texas? Take Our Quiz on the State's History, From the Alamo to Dr Pepper

This Saturday, March 2, marks Texas Independence Day, the day the state declared independence from Mexico and became the Republic of Texas.To honor our state's history, we created a quiz about traditions Texans know and love. Test your knowledge about Whataburger, barbecue, the state fair, some notable residents of the state and its landmarks.Here's the scoring guide:0-5 correct: Y’all ain’t from around here.6-10 correct: Maybe you ain’t from here, but you got here as quick as you could?11-15 correct: Stephen F. Austin would be proud, but you’d do well to visit the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin.16-20 correct: Grab a Dr Pepper and a plate of brisket, no sauce. You’ve earned it.If you can't see the portal below, click here to take the quiz.  Continue reading...

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