How Mobile Apps, One-day Service Are Disrupting Dry Cleaners in Dallas-Fort Worth

Remember when you thought Bibbentuckers was a new restaurant in town? Well, now there's Mulberrys. Sounds delicious, but it, too, is a dry cleaner.The laundry business, which is omnipresent in neighborhood shopping centers and streets, is getting a makeover too with mobile apps and delivery trucks. Even though more and more of the apparel people wear doesn't require dry cleaning, the industry is reinventing itself and staying relevant in the on-demand economy.Press Cleaners, an Austin startup that's been operating in Dallas since mid-2017, said data it obtained from Geographic Research estimates Dallas' dry cleaning and laundry market size at about $165.3 million annually.That comes out to an average of $64.94 per household and ranks the city No. 50 nationwide. Washington, D.C., is No. 1 with a $201.3 million total tab, or $89.35 per household.  Continue reading...

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