How Dallas Police Are Using Foot Patrols to Swarm Crime Hot Spots

Gabrielle Simmons was worried about her safety long before she was shot last week at the Oak Cliff dollar store where she worked.The Dollar General on Sunnyvale Street was robbed twice earlier this year. It was the third holdup that ended the life of the 27-year-old mother of six.Now police are trying to make good on their promise to "do everything we can" to prevent such crime: arresting dozens of wanted people and doling out more than 150 citations in one day in the neighborhoods around Simmons' store.It's part of Chief U. Renee Hall's new crime reduction initiative that will send a daylong surge of officers into one area at a time to talk to residents, execute warrants and deter would-be criminals.While overall crime in Dallas is lower than it's been in decades, business robberies, aggravated assaults and car thefts are all on the rise.   Continue reading...

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