How Burgers Are Tools for Mass Destruction

Last year my best friend went vegan. And while I supported her, I loved meat and I never thought anything could change that. Then, she sat me down with a book: Animal Liberation by Peter Singer. This book presents not only a moral, but a logical argument for vegetarianism. What I learned surprised me: meat is destroying the environment. All my life teachers told me that I could be greener by taking shorter showers, changing the light bulbs, turning off unused lights, and carpooling. They never mentioned meat eating.You might be wondering: If animal agriculture is so bad why does no one talk about it? That's a great question, one I have asked myself many times. But, in the same way, why do people ignore the overwhelming scientific evidence of anything? How long did it take people to accept that the world is round? People tend to resist challenges to their opinions.  Continue reading...

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