How a Nonprofit's Purchase of Historic Forest Theater Will Fight South Dallas Poverty

If you're not paying attention, it's easy to zoom right past the abandoned Forest Theater at Martin Luther King Boulevard and Interstate 45. Its current state — and the sad strip shopping center beside it — doesn't hint that it was once a historic gem in the middle of South Dallas.Here's why nonprofit CitySquare's plans to resurrect this 68-year-old building, in one of Dallas' poorest neighborhoods, should matter to all residents, north and south.CitySquare, a longtime leader in working on Dallas' most stubborn poverty-related problems, wants to turn this property into a center for educational arts. Countless studies have shown that access to performing arts and creative activities can play a pivotal role in boosting the economic prospects of poor communities.Cultural centers build stronger community connections, which in turn build stronger neighborhoods. CitySquare could be onto something transformative for this city.  Continue reading...

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