How a Glitter-filled Ball Is Shaking Up Southern Dallas' Mental Health Predicament

With mental health problems escalating in teens and children, the lack of help available in southern Dallas is sabotaging the future of the city's youngest citizens.The state of children's mental well being again made headlines late last month with a new national study that found depression starting as early as age 11. By age 17, the analysis found, 14 percent of boys and 36 percent of girls have been or are depressed.Depression is only one of many cruel tricks the brain can play on young people. Out of every 100 children, 20 suffer from a diagnosable mental illness — and 15 of those 20 are not getting any help.These stats represent young people of all types. Children living in poverty are even more at risk because their extra stress and fear can overload the brain and leave little bandwidth for even basic learning.  Continue reading...

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