How a Central Market in Bishop Arts Could Help All Dallas Residents

We're excited that H-E-B has plunked down money to buy real estate in Bishop Arts for a potential Central Market.This is about more than just being able to buy prepared gourmet meals and an olive bar with more varieties than you can imagine. (Though we'll point out that there are also affordable items from the H-E-B brand than the name Central Market might imply.)A major, high-quality grocer investing in Oak Cliff holds promise to help reverse the systemic economic-development and quality-of-life challenges that have plagued the southern half of this city for decades. Boosting fortunes there builds the base for the entire city.And as Dallas Morning News reporter Maria Halkias reports, a Central Market at West Davis and North Beckley would give more grocery options to a hot neighborhood that has become attractive for residents who want to live near downtown. (Kroger, Tom Thumb and Fiesta Mart are already in Oak Cliff.)  Continue reading...

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